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Carol City church of Christ
         16900 NW 22 Ave. 

              Miami Gardens, Florida 33056                        

                              305 282 4875


504 What does John say is “of the world?”                                                   Due 4/24  

505 Who will abide forever?                                                                               Due 5/1

506 On what day was the earth & sea created?                                           Due 5/8

507 How was Mordecai related to Esther?                                                    Due 5/15

508 How did God stop the children of men from building a city and a tower? Due 5/22

509 What is it that delivereth from death?                                                    Due 5/29

510 In what book of the Bible, aside from the four Gospels, are other direct quotations of Jesus found? Due 6/5

511 Why was Paul led by the hand to Damascus?                                        Due 6/12

512 Where was Christ headed when he met the ten lepers?                    Due 6/19

513  How did Paul find out about the plot to kill him in Jerusalem?      Due 6/26

514  Which king did Paul almost persuade to become a Christian?      Due 7/3

515  How bright was the light that Paul saw on his way to Damascus? Due 7/10

516 How did the centurion treat Paul at Sidon?                                           Due 7/17

517 How long was Paul  the island called Melita?                                         Due 7/24

518 Why did Festus ask Paul to go to Jerusalem?                                         Due 7/31

519  Why had Agrippa and Bernice come to Caesarea?                            Due 8/7

520 While traveling to Rome how long did Paul stay in Syracuse       Due 8/14

Acts 8:12 Three days

521 For whom did God make the sun stand still for a day that he might win a battle? Due 8/21

Joshua 10:13 Joshua

522 What do we need to do to show ourselves approved to God?       Due 8/28

523 What would a wise man that is endued with knowledge do?         Due 9/4

524 What is to happen to those who preach a different gospel than Paul? Due 9/11

525 Who delivers saints from the power of darkness?                              Due 9/18

526 How are we to come to the throne of grace?                                        Due 9/25

527 Where did the gospel Paul preached come from?                              Due 10/2

528 Where are we to sanctify the Lord God?                                               Due 10/9

529 What can cause us to fall from our own stedfastness?                      Due 10/16

530 What was John’s reaction when he found some “walking in the truth, just as we were commanded by the Father”                                                                                                                        Due 10/23

531 What is the status of him who do not provide for his own?              Due 10/30

1Timothy_5:8 he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.

532 Why does Paul count all things but loss?                                                 Due 11/6

for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus Philippians 3:8

533 What is better to hear than the song of fools?                                        Due 11/13 

It is better to hear the rebuke of the wise, Ecclesiastes 7:5

534 What happens when we have respect to persons?                                Due 11/20 

ye commit sin, and are convinced of the law as transgressors. James 2:9

535 Who told there should be mockers in the last time?                             Due 11/27 

Jude 1:17

536 What shall false teachers bring among themselves                               Due 12/4 

2 Peter 2:1 damnable heresies

537 What did John say was love                                                                            Due 12/11

2John 1:6 And this is love, that we walk after his commandments;

538 What did Christ nail to the cross?                                                                Due 12/18

Blotting out the handwriting of ordinances that was against us, which was contrary to us, and took it out of the way, nailing it to his cross; Colossians 2:14

539 What will happen If any man defile the temple of God?                       Due 12/25

540 Who did God highly exalt, and give him a name which is above every name? Due 1/1/17

541 Who are Christians to yield themselves to?                                                Due 1//8/17

542 Why should the inhabitant of Zion Cry out and shout?                        Due 1/15/17

543 Who was the older of the two Esau or Jacob?                                             Due 1/22/17

544 In what did James warn us not to be many?                                                 Due 1/29/17

545 Why does James say we should count it joy when we are tempted     Due 2/5

546 Why does Isaiah say the Lord will not hear?                                               Due 2/12

547 Who cannot please God?                                                                                   Due 2/19

548 What did the prophet Isiah say separate between the people and God?  Due 2/26

549 What did Paul say we are to do with good?                                                Due 3/5

550 Who learned obedience by what he suffered?                                           Due 3/12

551 What did Jesus say His food was                                                                      Due 3/19

552 What should we walk in after baptism?                                                        Due 3/26

553 What happens if we don’t forgive men their trespasses?                        Due 4/2

554 What is it that passes all understanding?                                                      Due 4/9

555 What did the poor widow make for the prophet Elijah?                         Due 4/16

556 What happens when one humbles himself in the sight of the Lord   Due 4/23

557 Where must we all make an appearance?                                                      Due 4/30

558 When did God first promise eternal life?                                                      Due 5/7

559  What is the pillar and ground of the truth?                                                 Due 5/14

560  When was the first covenant “taken out of the way”?                            Due 5/21

561  What profit is it for Christians to study the Old Testament?               Due /5/28/2017

562  Why was Saul told to be baptized?                                                                 Due 6/4/2017


614 Who was Paul seeking to please?                                                                      Due 6/3/2018

615  What is it that never fails?                                                                                   Due 6/10/2018

616  How does Satan tempt us today?                                                                      Due 6/17

617  Out of all those that walked on the earth who is it that will abide forever? Due 6/24

618  What will we look like in Heaven                                                                    Due 7/1

619  If one lives in the Spirit , what is expected of him?                                    Due  7/8

620  What must Christians allow the “peace of God” do?                              Due 7/15

621  How are requests to be made known unto God?                                        Due 7/22

622  What will God render to them who by patient continuance in well doing?  Due7/29

622 What will God render to them who by patient continuance in well doing?   Due 7/29

623  How did the gospel come to the church in Thessalonica?                      Due 8/5

624  Give at least three names Christ used to describe His church, (give scriptures for each). Due 8/12

625  What does the organization of the church consist of?                             Due 8/19

626  Give at least three names or descriptions the apostles used for the church, (give scripture for each). 

                                                                                                                                            Due 8/26

626 What will the heavenly Father root up?                                                      Due 9/2

627 What happened to the seeds that the sower cast into stony places? Due 9/9

628 At His sermon on the mountain how did Christ speak?                        Due 9/16

629 How was Timothy to be an example?                                                            Due 9/23

630 How does teaching for doctrine the commandments of men make our worship? Due 9/30

631 Why did the Lord tell Gideon to bring his people down unto the water? Due 10/7

632 What is the shortest book in the Bible?                                                           Due 10/14

633 When will all the kings of the world praise God?                                        Due 10/21

634 What did Paul and Timothy do daily pertaining to Philemon?              Due 10/28

635 What happens when we grudge one against another?                                Due 11/4

636 When Paul left Macedonia, which church supported him                       Due 11/11

637 What is it that will stand forever?                                                                       Due 11/18

638 What did the people of Nineveh do when they heard the warning of Jonah? Due 11/25

639 Why did Paul leave Titus in Crete?                                                                    Due 12/2

640 Where did Philip go immediately after the ascension of Jesus?               Due 12/9

641 After Paul left Ptolemais where did he stay?                                                    Due 12/16

642 How are we to judge?                                                                                                Due 12/23

643 Who knows when Christ will return?                                                                Due 12/30

644 What did Christ tell His disciples would guide them in all truth?          Due 1/6/2019

645 Who sank into a deep sleep and fell out of a third story window                                                                                           while listening to Paul preach?                                                                                    Due 1/13/2019

646 How did Peter escape from Herod?                                                                      Due 1/20/2019

647 Where did Noah’s ark rest?                                                                                     Due 1/27

648 What did God use as the sign of the covenant he established between                                                                               Him and all flesh that is on the earth?                                                                        Due 2/3

649 Who went into the holiest of holy places with the high priest?                 Due 2/10

650 How are Christians to be in a crooked and perverse nation?                       Due 2/17

651 Who shall change our vile body?                                                                             Due 2/24 

652 Which church did Epaphras minister for?                                                           Due 3/3

653 What worketh in the children of disobedience?                                                Due 3/10

654 What is the bond of perfectness?                                                                            Due 3/17

655 What did the elder wish for Gaius above all things?                                         Due 3/24

656 The judgment of God is according to what?                                                        Due 3/31

657 Who will the Lord take vengeance on?                                                                  Due 4/7

658 How long did the children of Israel serve Eglon the king of Moab?             Due 4/14

659 How are the words of a wise man's mouth?                                                           Due 4/21

660 Why did the Lord say his people were destroyed?                                             Due 4/28

661 What were the children told to do with plowshares?                                         Due 5/5

662 Who are just before God?                                                                                            Due 5/12

663 What is to come out of the mouth of Christians?                                               Due 5/19

664 What should be our relationship with the unfruitful works of darkness? Due 5/26

665 Why was Pharaoh told to let the people go?                                                       Due 6/2

666  Who did Christ refer to as that fox?                                                                    Due 6/9

667  What have we done when we have respect to persons?                                Due 6/16

668  How are we given grace?                                                                                          Due 6/23 

669 Where are all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge hid?                       Due 6/30

700  Who said they were not an apostle of men?                                                     Due 7/7

701  Who is unstable in all his ways?                                                                            Due 7/14

702  Which churches received letters that were written on the Isle called Patmos? Due 7/21

703  What great thing is dead without works?                                                          Due 7/28

 704 What is it that is not of any private interpretation?                                       Due 8/4

705 An handful with quietness is better than what?                                                 Due 8/11

706 What is the beginning of knowledge?                                                                   Due 8/18

707 What is better than an old and foolish king?                                                     Due 8/25

 708 Who was displeased exceedingly, and very angry with God for not destroying a city that had more than         sixscore thousand persons?                                                                                                               Due 9/1

709 Who saved two spies by letting them down by a rope from her window?                Due 9/8

710 Who was Esther’s husband?                                                                                                       Due 9/15

711 On what mountain did Solomon build his temple?                                                           Due 9/22

712 For whom did God make the sun stand still for a day that he might win a battle? Due 9/29

713 To What land did Cain go when he left Eden?                                                                    Due 10/6

714 What woman was given an unlimited supply of meal and oil until the Lord sent rain upon the earth? 10/13

715 What did Joseph instruct his servants to hide in a sack belonging to his brother Benjamin 10/20

716 In the dream of Pharaoh's baker, he was walking along with what on his Head?   Due 10/27

717 In what two books of the Bible is the model (Lord's) prayer found?                           Due 11/3

718  What caused the “evil spirit” to leave Saul?                                                                         Due 11/10

719  Where does God say “My people hath been lost sheep: their shepherds have caused them to go astray”? 11/17

720  Who killed a lion with his bare hands?                                                                                  Due 11/24

721  Who ate a book and found that it was as sweet as honey?                                               Due 12/1

722  What animal does Peter compare Satan to?                                                                          Due 21/8